You never know!

I think what I love most about shopping at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales is the element of surprise.  Sometimes, you go with a purpose, only to discover something entirely unexpected.   Kind of like when someone give you a gift you would have never thought of getting for yourself, and now you’re in love with it.  

That’s kind of what happened in this story.  I went to my local Habitat for Humanity looking for a new light fixture.  I didn’t know which room, or light I had in mind.  But I knew if I saw something, and the price was right, I’d feel like the trip was a success.   I got lucky.  I spotted this light amidst other dusty rejects. 

Now, I’ve had this pendant for a couple of years now.  What brought me to write about it today?   I stumbled across one while sourcing for a client and learned a thing or two about it.

 I was in the middle of sourcing lighting for a lovely couple on when I spotted my pendant!  Suddenly there it was, among much more glamorous light fixtures than the ones I saw at Habitat.  And it costs a lot more than the $75 I paid.  It’s called the Bagatelle pendant made by Schonbek Lighting, founded in 1870.    (

It retails for $579!! at

From Lumens: “The brand is known for its luxurious lineup of pendants, chandeliers and wall fixtures. They are known for luxurious lineup of pendants, chandeliers and wall fixtures.” 

Did not know that.  You live and learn, and you trust your gut when you really like something. 

Now it has a home in my bedroom.

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Thrifted to home decor!