Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

The life of a designer isn’t as glam as one might think. Like anything, it’s hard work and persistence that gets the job done. Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Like the time when my client, the contractor and I were excited to open the big box to see the beautiful mirror we ordered for her living room mantle. Only to find this:

For the second time in a row! Yep. Twice the mirror was shipped and twice it was broken. It happens. I’d be plastering that box all over the place with the words: “FRAGILE! MIRROR INSIDE! HANDLE WITH CARE!!!”

So…what did we do? We hung the mirror! That’s right. When you show up for the second time at 8 am to install and hang a large mantle mirror, you’re kind of thinking you’re not leaving until that mirror is on the wall. Even if it’s made out of stone.

Thanks Dr. Drywall Pro, a.k.a Juan Jimenez!

In a matter of minutes, my favorite painter, installer, drywall and home improvement expert, Juan Jimenez, made it happen. He measured the damaged mirror, I showed him how high I wanted it to hang, and he drilled away.


And then we took it down.

Now we wait for the third mirror. The third time’s the charm, right?