If you don’t like it, paint it!

That’s not bad advice if you’re talking about walls , cabinets, or anything that needs a lift and can be painted. These days, that’s pretty much everything.

In this case, it’s the interiors of this house. Check out why the homeowners were not afraid to take on new colors…

And that’s just what happened. The biggest transformation has to be the kitchen.

We went from this…

Homeowners expanded their island and ripped off the backsplash. Now the painting begins.

to this…

Painted by Juan Jimenez.

to this…


Then there’s the entrance. It was confused. Bright colors on the left, muted, dark colors on the right and a little washed out in the middle.

Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams down the middle and to the rescue!

The living room was next. With massive walls and lots of natural light, what’s a designer to do? Stick with Repose Gray and freshen up those ceilings, trim and molding with the crispest white from Benjamin Moore, Decorator’s White!


This is what the living room looked like before the new homeowners moved in.

And here’s what it looks like now. Just needs a little furniture. Really digging that industrial fan Sean found and installed. Perfect scale and design for the space! Nice job, Sean!

I say this a lot, but I’ll say it again. Sometimes a subtle color change creates the biggest impact. I knew we could not go dark on these huge walls. Especially with all that awesome natural light. Choosing a cool greige like Repose Gray feels lighter, elegant and it removes all those yellow undertones from the previous wall color. The floor already has plenty of warmth so this cool wall balances the space nicely.

See how the window treatments cast a warm tone on the walls? The gray warms up without getting too yellow. That’s why that cool gray was needed!

Next up…the hallways. Interesting how light beige hallways still feel dark, right? Take a look.


Once again, Repose Gray to the rescue.


Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore had a huge role in creating this bright, crisp hall. It leads to the master bedroom, literally a tranquil space with its new paint color, Tranquility, also from Benjamin Moore. Here’s another glimpse of it as it heads into the master bathroom.

And, just in case you think the whole house is Repose Gray or another neutral, I’ll just say there’s a teenager in the house. She wanted to feel like she was living inside a pumpkin. You might want some sunglasses!

Here’s the before…

It was a guest room for the previous owners. Calm and quiet.

And now it’s not so quiet.

AFTER! And she LOVES it.

I love her Mom’s attitude. She was on Pinterest finding a way to tie the orange, gray and blue-green together moments after she saw the change. I always say there are no wrong colors…it’s what you match it with that makes it work or not.

Mom’s view from her new painted office (in Wedgewood Gray from Benjamin Moore)

Next to her daughter’s room is the bathroom. We decided to stay consistent with Gauntlet gray (on the kitchen island ) and paint all the bathroom cabinets the same color. That deep gray connects to that orange! Something tells me they will find the perfect bedding.

Juan Jimenez is the King of creating beautiful, sprayed cabinets. Gauntlet Gray from Sherwin Williams.

Last, but definitely not least, the guy who made all this happen. He doesn’t mess around with little rollers either!

Yup, consistent with Repose Gray!

Here’s how it looks now.

Just painted.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Home, sweet home.