Thrifting is More than Finding a Good Deal

Thrifting for a couple of hours with my sister yesterday is something I treasure. Part of what makes it so enjoyable is the joy we get from finding something unique that adds a certain, unexpected life force in our homes. And that got me thinking.

Over time, selecting pieces with love and vision, creates a curated home that speaks to your heart and soul. Yes, you can find stunning furnishings and accessories in many places. I scour the internet and magazines daily, looking for that “perfect” sofa or chair for my clients. And I love it.

But there is something kind of magical about hitting a flea market, garage sale or thrift store. You might be on the hunt for wicker baskets or three-ring binders, but you end up finding a discarded, handmade ceramic dish designed by “Carrie the Great”. For my sister, that was too much. She rescued the dish and was more than giddy to have a home for it.

Now this “Carrie the Great” saucer catches the excess water from her plant.

She did the same thing for a round, wicker basket. It now holds her plates on her kitchen shelf.

It also adds texture and warmth to her kitchen cabinets.

For a long time, I avoided thrift stores. Marie Kondo had me convinced that I did not want to add any more to my space. She remains an inspiration, and I’m still cleaning out my bookshelves and closets. It feels good to release those things that no longer “spark joy.”

However, unlike Marie, I believe in “using what you have”. It’s what I share with my clients every day. How else can you use that? I think it’s possible to achieve both methods with a happy outcome for you and your home.

When something has outgrown its use, ask yourself if it can “spark joy” in another way or for someone else. If not, then donate it. That old mantra you hear at garage sales still holds true…”Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Here’s my “treasure” from yesterday’s trip to Durham Rescue Mission Thrift Store.

So I would say to you, don’t discount the experience you get from discovering something you never considered. Yes, there’s a fine line between “need” and “want”, but I think when it comes to designing your home, “joy” should be at the top of your list.

This blue vase I purchased for $1.99 did just that. All it needed were the flowers from my garden to welcome it home.

Home, sweet home.

Thrifting is still purchasing, but there is something to be said for giving a discarded, neglected find a new lease on life. Over time, Your home will evolve into a place that speaks to you and replenishes your spirit. Daily. ❤️