How to Pick The Right Paint Colors

Since I started my color consulting business in 2008, I’ve learned a lot about paint colors- how it affects your mood, how it looks really shiny or super flat, and how light affects the hue. I’m kind of obsessed. While it can see overwhelming to find just the right hue, I’m here to share a few tips that can send you on your way to picking the perfect hue!

Last week, my clients were a bit shocked when they saw how quickly the paint color changed as I walked past a north-facing window. The same thing happened again when I placed the swatch next to the cabinets. Warm-to-cool-to-cooler in a matter of seconds! How do you work with that?

When a paint color is next to another color, the color changes. Why is that? They bounce off each other and absorb a little bit of the other. How do you fix that? You choose complementary undertones. For example, green is the opposite of red on the color wheel. Let’s say you have red undertones in the cabinets. By picking out a paint with green undertones, hey calm down and leave each other alone.

That’s what I did here. Opposites attract!

This new paint color, Gettysburg Gray, really connects with all the elements of the kitchen. Neutral white trim makes it feel bright and fresh!

Yep, there are other factors to consider like flooring, room furnishings and accessories, room orientation (south/east versus northwest-facing), mood, function of the space, and connection to other rooms, but thinking about these all these connections is a great start to set you on the right course. And you can always hire The Right Space for expert advice!

Today’s video focuses on how room orientation impacts color selections. Hopefully it helps you understand the impact you can create in transforming rooms in your own space!

How to Pick Paint Colors: Part I

Posted by The Right Space on Monday, September 9, 2019