Just The Two of Us

Ahhh, The well-loved and used family room. It’s been the center of action for years. And then one day, in the blink of an eye, it’s just you and/or your hubby/wife. No more fights over the remote, or who gets the best seat. It’s all yours. As you move into this new chapter, you wonder if this space still gives you what you need. Maybe that tired, 15-year old sectional has done its job well, and you’re ready for a change.

That what this lovely couple decided about this room. When they reached out to this Cary interior designer, they were more than ready to shake things up and update the whole space. Here’s how it looked when I saw it for the first time.

They have loved their living room throughout the years, but now it’s just the two of the them. At the end of the day, they look forward to spending their nights snuggled up on the sofa, enjoying a show or relaxing with a book.

The Checklist

We sit and talk. And I get out my clipboard to take some notes. The more they share, the more I begin to visualize a warm and cozy space. They love their time together. Some room for snuggling is important, too. A pair of swivel recliners will come in handy when older family members are visiting. Add Leather and a statement rug to the checklist. They like earthy, organic spaces. They have two small dogs. I notice their beautiful ceramic collection of blues and greens as I glance out the windows and see lush greens all around. Suddenly, the inspiration is obvious. Mother Nature never disappoints.

First things First

Armed with an earthy, organic, cozy theme, I decide to let those greens and browns do their job. Kind of like what happens outside. Only we’re bringing it in with wood planks, softer whites and deep greens.

Clear the deck…

After. Now we’re talking!

Welcome to cozy! Anytime you add wood to a space, it creates instant warmth. I wanted the backs of those built-ins to make a connection to the floors and paint color. Just look at how that cool green reacts! Keeping our design in mind, the wood wall is a mood-changer.

Especially once our final selections arrive.


The rug is key to pulling all the colors together in this space. The new glass and hand-forged metal tables kind of rock my socks, too. All from Crate and Barrel with my sweet designer discount! The sofa is from Ethan Allen. The new Arhaus swivel recliners are not shown here (en route), but these leather ones still complement the mood and look of the room.

Crate and Barrel https://www.crateandbarrel.com/birch-wool-blend-abstract-rug-8×10/s312379?localedetail=US&ps_cid=1267&si=3157810&aff=cj&cjevent=09eba1e68e0f11e9817b00e40a24060b#sid=422047

Notice the cabinets, mantle and trim color are not so bright white anymore? We toned things down a bit by going with a muted creamy gray from Benjamin Moore. It’s called “Nimbus” 1465.

I think my empty nesters are enjoying these cooler nights on the sofa now…and the holidays are right around the corner…the kids and in-laws will be there before they know it.

Here’s a final look….