Paint Your Shoelaces!

It’s rare that my 20-year old daughter passes something down to me, but that’s just what she did with a cool pair of Vans. I never owned a pair, but I liked these faded, blue ones she outgrew.

The only thing missing were the shoelaces. So I bought some. Only they were too big. Way too big. So I cut them.

I knew they would fray. What to do, what to do… There’s always a solution.

Yep, I’m all about using what you have. I hate waste.

Who says nail polish should only be used for nails anyway? Not me. Check out the results!

These Vans were made for walking…

Now I’m thinking about other shoes and different nail polish colors and designs! It’s a great way to use up old nail polish.

Fun, affordable and unique! What do you think?