2020 Design Trend: Cozy Modern Rustic

If there is anything that’s clicked from my design studies this year, it’s that trends are rooted in history, and come back to us time and time again, always with a little twist on what was. Evolving and revolving around the originals. That’s what’s happening with this latest turn in Rustic interior design.

It’s not your Grandma’s version or Joanna Gaines “shiplap” kind of rustic these days. I never heard of “shiplap” until Joanna singlehandedly created a nationwide love affair with this introduced it over and over again on her smash-hit HGTV series, “Fixer Upper” with hubby, Chip.

But times, they are a changin’, and in my humble opinion, shiplap is heading toward greener pastures (for now) while a more raw, earthly, modern take on rustic design moves into the lead. We can thank Joanna and Chip. They started it. Still love them.

The latest catalog cover from CB2 captures this new wave of “Refined Rustic” beautifully.

Definitely a mood setter.

Cozy has not been set aside either. It might look more raw and earthy, but none of it works if it’s not cozy. That’s where chunky throws, soft materials and colors and overstuffed cushions come in. Kind of like this:

From CB2.com “Arlo Wide Arm Sectional and “Overlook” chunky throw

Notice the walls. Not everyone has or wants concrete walls these days, but see how warmed up they feel with wood beams on the ceiling? It doesn’t have to be on the ceiling, but mix up your elements. Wood and concrete, leather, wool, natural finishes, natural light.

I’d say this feels a bit “raw and refined”.

Love these white leather sling chairs ($429) CB2.com

It’s natural, organic and still sophisticated.

So, how can you get this look? I’ve created a list of ideas for you. Consider these four areas of designing your space.

  1. Think about your textiles. The rugs, blankets, throw pillows. Keep them soft and chunky or add a cool POP of pattern. Again, think cozy.
  2. Color Scheme: Dark grays, creams, browns, black and white. Toss in some greenery. It’s good for you and warms up the space. Add pops of your favorite color.
  3. Furniture: clean lines without compromising on comfort. Think overstuffed cushions and wide, straight arm rests on your sofas.
  4. Materials: Acacia wood, concrete, leathers, faux furs, glass, wool, organic edges. Add a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Just like Grandma’s favorite recipe.
Remember your pillows. Mix them up!

If all that is too much, I know this friendly, passionate designer who would love to help you sort it all out.