Tips For Transitioning from Holiday Glam to Cozy Winter Wonder

Happy 2020! So fun to say and even more fun to welcome it, although like so many, I either think of Barbara Walters or perfect vision. Even still, I’m excited and looking forward to whatever this new decade brings.

So let’s start with creating a post-holiday home. A lot of people get down when they have to put away the decorations. The house goes from that festive spirit of sights and smells to a more bare, quieter feeling. Perhaps you’re suddenly noticing areas that don’t look so good without all the holiday decor.

Personally, I love this time of year because it gives me a chance to see my space in a new way. Out with the old, in with the new, right? And besides, when you are in that two week period when all the kids are home from school and you’ve forgotten what day it is, there’s nothing like digging in and cleaning out something. Just feels good. I attacked my pantry, frig, filing cabinet and I’m still on a roll.

Today, I have a few tricks up my sleeve on transitioning from a holiday home to a cozy winter retreat.

Dried lavender looks lovely all winter long. Smells good, too.

Getting Your Winter On

  • Consider live greens. It’s an easy transition from the Christmas tree, and speaks to the season. If you still have your tree, trying cutting a few branches off and tossing them in a big vase and add water. Keep that smell going! If you have boxwood shrubs, clip a few stems and add to the arrangement. Consider a beautiful boxwood wreath like these from Ballard Designs for your entryway. They look beautiful all year long. Buy fresh flowers. It’s worth it.
  • Toss out reds, plaids or sparkles and replace decor, accessories with winter whites. Perfect place to consider: Your sofa. Grab a faux fur blanket and some creamy pillows at Home Goods. Now add candles. Instant cozy for a box or binge of Netflix. If you’re out walking, collect some pinecones! Bring them inside, toss them in a wooden basket or a couple of hurricane lamps with twinkly lights. Great centerpiece and sets a mood!
  • Go digging through your cabinets and closets for unused, beautiful bowls. It could be wooden, vintage, milk glass or even something cracked. You’re not serving food in it, but it’s perfect for lemons and limes and looks great all by itself on your kitchen counter. Throw in some boxwood leaves! They dry well.
  • Look over your furniture. Is there a piece that’s kind of dragging down the whole vibe? Maybe it’s time to donate, sell or repurpose. There are usually some good sales in January. Bring out your “Marie Kondo and do see what sparks that joy and what doesn’t. Hit the flea market. Don’t tell Marie.
Light up a candle. Add some texture. Work in threes.

If that is still not doing the job for you, consult hiring an interior decorator who is passionate about helping you create the cozy factor in your space. I know a girl. 🙂

I hope this post inspires you to enjoy these winter months in comfort and joy. Spring will be here before you know it.