How To Create A Room For Your Lifestyle

Do you have a room you ignore? Do you spend more time walking by it than entering and enjoying it? Today’s post delves into how to revive your space. I’ve got a great example to share with you.

Let’s look at this small room. It was having something of an identity crisis.

My clients already have a large family room in another part of the house, but they want this room to offer something more cozy without having to replace the sofa or club chair.

Go Shopping…in your home!

Chances are, there’s something in the house that can actually look better somewhere else. I see that in almost any home I visit, and there’s nothing better than “using what you have” first. We set about searching around their home like furniture detectives. And we scored! A pair of matching end tables and lamps, and a small cabinet. Without spending a dime, the room feels cozier. This is how the room looked an hour later…

A few pillows, extra roller shades and some sculptural branches help soften the space.

Now it felt more like a quiet retreat for studying or relaxing. That worked for awhile, but they still wanted more out this room. So we talked. And talked some more. What was the mood they were going for? It was starting to reveal itself. I left and they were tasked with finding a coffee table and an area rug.

As time went on, the space began to take shape. And a mood began to emerge.

Turns out, they love a more earthy, neutral, bohemian mood with a nod to fun. That meant rattan overhead lighting, a furry rug for bare feet, and a special family heirloom: a swing!

The swing had very personal meaning to them, and they were thrilled to bring into their family space. From there, the domino affect continued. This family loves games. Once they knew what they wanted, the design and mood became obvious: Bohemian with a touch of traditional.

They replaced the small cabinet (seen in the first photograph) with a larger, more scaled to size cabinet from Crate and Barrel. You can find it here. It’s the perfect size for that wall, and now they have a designated place for all of their board games.

Tate Bookcase Cabinet

The swing is right at home, too.

The room continues to evolve. They plan to hang something over the sofa and maybe add some cork wallpaper to protect the wall from swing bumps.

Rooms have a way of leading you once you let them. It’s all about your lifestyle and how it’s working for you in your home. When you designate space for the things you like to do, chances are you’ll do them more. Like swinging inside your house. Or playing cribbage with your spouse. 🙂

I wonder what you have stored away. Think about it…

Do you have a room your aren’t using to the fullest?

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