Recliners: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Love them or hate them, recliners are here to stay, folks! Although they might not be everyone’s dream design chair, they have some loyal fans. Especially men. Anyone remember this one from “Frazier”?

It didn’t matter how ugly it was to his Dad. It’s his faithful chair, with years of memories. Always waiting for him at the end of a day. I get it! I remember running down to my grandpa’s basement rec room, grabbing an Orange Fanta, and beating my sister to his recliner to watch The Flintstones. Great memories! The best part was opening that thing up into that full sprawl. Almost on the verge of tipping over. When Grandpa moved to Florida, I took the chair to my college apartment.

After a long day, and especially now, I want a chair I can crash in whenever I need a break. Just my chair, too. A chair that brings me joy and says “it’s ok, you can nap on me.” So many choices. Where do you start?

Don’t start here. These are the recliners that give the chair a bad name.

NOT my way.

More like “CATAPULT” than “Cat Napper? Is that a kitten under the chair?? I bet it’s comfortable, but it has to at least try to look good.

So, last week, when a good friend sent me an SOS text about having to buy her husband a new recliner, I was more than happy to help her out. I’m not just a good friend. I’m a designer with a mission to make the world more beautiful, one recliner at a time.

And I’m cheaper than a therapist.

At the end of the day, I check-in with her. Success. They find one at LazyBoy. She sends this photo.

“Chris is officially old.”

Me: “It’s not ugly! I like the color and it looks cozy!”

Her: “Cozy for sure.”

Me: That’s the number one need!

Her: “Yeah, that’s why I let him buy it.”

Me: “Smart move!”

Her: ” Lazy Boy had a few “not hideous” options.

The next day, I was going through my weekend mailer when yet another recliner caught my eye. She could have done much worse.

I bet they are SUPER comfortable, but that design hurts me!

Her response: “That is UGLY you ain’t go no alibi.”

She’s never been afraid to say what she thinks.

I think she feels better about the recliner now. Happy husband, happy wife and vice-versa. Lazy Boy does have some good ones. It’s what they do. Seeing all these recliners got me thinking more about them.

We are all home right now. If there is one thing I know, comfort reigns supreme among our priorities these days. If you want a recliner, go for it. You deserve comfort or just reminder to take a break (or a nap). You can find them on Facebook Marketplace for $40 or you can invest in chair that does everything except saying your name (bet they’re working on that).

There are plenty of great ones out there that are both comfortable and look good. I’ve selected a few recliner favorites to give you a glimpse and a range of styles and prices to get you thinking.

Stay safe, all!