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Stephanie Finucane

Thank you for visiting this page. I spend a great deal of time getting to know you, so it’s only fair that you should know my background before you let me walk through your home.

Interior Design was not my first profession, but it has been part of my fabric since childhood.  I was one of those kids who liked to not only clean her room, but rearrange it, over and over again.  At age 9, my parents invested in some real estate, and I was exposed to the art of restoration of old houses.  For years, my family transformed these homes and apartment buildings into timeless, classic homes.  

Later on that would prove to be a passion.  In 2002, I fell in love with a very neglected home.  I could see it potential beauty and memories for my young family.  After a solid year of restoration, the home was once again stunning.  Friends began to ask for my help.  I had a good eye for color, so in 2008, The Right Hue was launched.    

From there, the passion and the education continued.  I studied under pioneer designer Lauri Ward, who founded “Use What You Have Decorating”, where designers are trained to redesign any space in a just a few hours.  Talk about kismet!   Finally, in 2016, The Right Space was launched.   I love designing spaces for my clients, and helping them rediscover the joy of a beautiful, function home.    My specialty is creating timeless, cozy spaces, “using what you have” first,  while also designing beautiful color palettes and layouts that dramatically transform any space.   


The Right Space

 I enjoy helping people like you get the most out of their space.

My approach to designing spaces is a mixture of Marie Kondo meets Meryl Streep.  Your home should be expressive like Meryl.  It should reflect your true spirit and passion.  And should recharge you at the end of a long day.  When it comes to Marie Kondo, I want to help you make the most out of your space, using what you have and love first, but also tossing out anything that is not spark joy to you.   Everything has a place and that place is lovely, too.



Imagine having a home that replenishes your spirit...day in and day out.

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