Stephanie Finucane

Thank you for visiting this page. I spend a great deal of time getting to know you, so it’s only fair that you should know my background before you let me walk through your home.

Interior Design was not my first profession, and yet it’s quietly been there since childhood, slowly making its way to my heart and brain.

Some of my earliest and favorite childhood memories are of decorating new spaces underneath the new Ping-Pong table one Christmas. While many friends were playing outside on the playground across the street, my big sister and I reveled in redesigning our bedrooms and any other room our mother would let us use.  As military family,  we moved almost frequently so we quickly adapted to use what we had, over and over again.

 Speed ahead to 2002. I’m married and have two toddlers. And time for another move. This time, it’s into my dream home in New Jersey.  Abandoned for almost 16 years, the house still carried good bones.   It was this restoration project that brought me back to the world of interior design.  That year-long restoration project was the spark that brought me back to interior design.   Friends started asking for my help with paint colors.  So I started a color consulting business in 2008 and called it The Right Hue.

From there, the passion and the education continued.  I studied under pioneer designer and author of “Use What You Have Decorating” Lauri Ward, and received a certification from her course of study on Interior Redecorating.  Then in 2016, The Right Space was launched.  And the learning continues. I am currently a student of the New York Institute for Art and Design and will received my interior design degree in later this year.

That is THE RIGHT SPACE, established in 2016, and I think it just might be my final career. I kind of love it.

The Right Space

 I enjoy helping people like you get the most out of their space.

My approach to designing spaces is a mixture of Marie Kondo meets Meryl Streep.  Your home should be expressive like Meryl.  It should reflect your true spirit and passion.  And should recharge you at the end of a long day.  When it comes to Marie Kondo, I want to help you make the most out of your space, using what you have and love first, but also tossing out anything that is not spark joy to you.   Everything has a place and that place is lovely, too.



Imagine having a home that replenishes your spirit...day in and day out.

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