Fill out your information on my contact page.  Within 24 hours, you will hear from me. Based on your needs, we will either set up a complimentary appointment for bigger interior design projects or I will schedule a design appointment for smaller projects

Yes!  There is a wide range of pricing for things like furniture and fixtures so a lot of your budget depends on where you want to be on the cost spectrum. I will help you come up with a realistic estimate and range.  Throw out a ballpark number so I can get an idea what you are thinking.

As soon as possible!  Sometimes, however, my client load is full.   When that happens, I will let you know how long you can expect to wait.

Not at all!  I am happy to work with any vendor you hire.  If you need names of vendors, I am more than happy to refer you to those I work with and trust.

Nope. However, most clients prefer to take advantage of my extensive discounts I get as a designer.   I guarantee you’ll save more money because my vendor discounts are quite extensive.  The retail industry offers special trade programs for designers and I pass on any and all discounts from them to you.

E-Design is interior design services offered online.  I gather information and listen to what you envision for your space, and then I create a beautiful and functional custom design that serves as a do-it-yourself guide to create the space.  You can tackle the design one space at a time, at your own pace, and as your budget allows. E-Design is perfect for clients who want design direction and designer expertise, but do not mind doing a little legwork to implement the project themselves. If you are a DIYer, then this is definitely the design service for you!

I will provide you with a Measure and Photo Guide, along with a sample floor plan to show you exactly how to measure your space. I will review your documents, and if I am missing any information, I will contact you.

Please double -check all measurements before sending them because this is what I am basing my designs on.

Absolutely! If there’s a piece you love, I would love to incorporate it into your design. If you are an e-design customer, just be sure to include measurements and photos of these items when you submit your forms.

Sometimes items get discontinued.  I will find a replacement piece, if possible.

Due to the digital nature of E-Design services, refunds will not be given after the Design Plan is delivered to you. Please notify me within 24 hours of purchasing your design package if you would like to request a refund. If more than 24 hours have passed, no refund will be issued, but if you would like to change rooms or use your payment towards a gift card, I would be happy to accommodate your request.