Let the Sunshine In!

Let the sunshine in!

The Vazirani’s are very fortunate.  They moved into a home with many windows that let in so much natural light.  The challenge was how to dress up the windows and and dining room to maximize light.   The dining room, which is in the front of the house, needed a little bit of privacy and pizzaz. The eating area off the kitchen backed to trees so I went looking for window treatments and decorative accents with that in mind.


The Design

This family moved into a house with neutral paint colors and they wanted to add a pop of color in places so it wasn’t too boring.  This awesome mid-century Starburst chandelier inspired the bright yellow lamps and painting color scheme.  In the eating area, the placemat below added a sleekness with subtle shiny rock colors.

The Results

And the Den -

We also changed the colors in the a-joining den.  The space looks like a great place to lay back and read a book!

The Befores