An exemplary end result

I lead projects from start to finish. Whether you need help with renovations, redesigns or a color scheme, you can expect expert advice and attention to all of your questions and concerns. And, in the process, you just might discover a design option or two that you didn’t know you needed or liked. That’s where I come in.

My approach makes the most of what you already have and love first. I want to know what makes you tick.

  • How do you relax?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Do you want to plop on the couch or would you prefer a firm seat?

The more you share, the more I can unpeel the layer between you and your home. I love my home. The spaces I’ve created throughout it make me happy. I want to do the same thing for you.

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As a designer, I can consult with you on your interior and exterior paint needs.

  • On-site or on-line consultations
  • Paint selections & Color Scheme recommendations
  • Design Board with all Paint recommendations
  • Average Consultation Time: between 1-2 hours
  • Hourly rate: $130/hr

Packages start at $130.00 per hour.

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Hourly Redesigns

This is a great package for people who feel like they are just missing something that will pull a room together or make your home flow.

  • On-site consultation, hourly rates apply
  • Design Advice for ANY and ALL things home
  • Perfect for “Using What You Have” customers who mostly like what they have, but don’t know how to arrange their space. Furniture rearrangement.
  • Design recommendations for paint colors, lighting, flooring, wall art & accessories
  • Specific recommendations for items to purchase to complete space

$150.00 per hour 

* additional hours can be used and I will invoice you later.

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30 Minute On-line Consultations

Do you just a small area that you are stuck on?  

    • 30 minute online video call (FACETIME, GOOGLE DUO or SKYPE)
    • ask me any and all design questions!
    • additional 1/2 hours can be used and I will invoice you later.

$75.00 per 1/2 hour 

* additional 1/2 hours can be used and I will invoice you later.

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The Total Design Package

design board: Call The Right Space in Cary, NC for your interior design needs

As a designer, I can make it all happen! 

I will coordinate with you all aspects necessary to achieve your home project goals. I have a team of trusted contractors, wallpaper installers, painters, window treatment experts, electricians, tile installers, carpenters and others.  You do not have to hire each one of these separately.  I will take care of all your home project needs.

  • Initial 30-minute mtg/call: no fee
  • Room Design Board (furniture arrangement) – see below for example
  • Paint Color Palette
  • Technical drawings such as CAD (if necessary)
  • Lighting, Window Treatments, flooring, accessories
  • Itemized products shopping list w/ direct link to order
  • Any additional help from designer to help set up the space.
  • Can be done online or on-site
  • All Retail trade discounts passed on to client. 

Package has two pricing options:  $150 Hourly rate or 25%  Above Cost Pricing Available. 

 A $500 deposit and signed letter of agreement are required before work can begin.

The Right Space Full Total Design Package

The Process

  • Let’s start with a conversation over the phone or via video call.
  • You’ll share your concerns/issues about your space. We’ll schedule a complimentary consultation in your home/business/space.
  • This is an important meeting that lasts approximately one hour. I want to learn about your lifestyle. The more I know, the more I can accommodate your needs.  I used to be a reporter.  I know how to ask good questions.  
  • We will walk through your home so I can evaluate the space for potential design ideas.
  • We will go over the scope of the project, your budget considerations, my pricing structure.
  • I’ll take lots of pictures and notes, and then you’ll send me on my way.

While I’m away, I’ll draft a personalized Letter of Agreement to you.

It will include:

  • My commitment to the scope of the project discussed.
  • Estimated length of project to completion.
  • My fee structure
  • A deposit request

You’ll need to sign and return the letter of agreement, along with your deposit. It will be held and applied to any outstanding design fees at the end of the project. Once I receive the signed letter and deposit, I will begin to work on the design concept.

Should we need to order furnishings, etc., you will receive an invoice to review and approve before any order is made.

A 50% deposit will be required once you approve a purchase. before the items are shipped.

The remaining balance on the merchandise will be due when the item is ready to be shipped.

Approved orders cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. In the case of product damage, The Right Space will manage those concerns with the vendor, on your behalf.

Every step of the process is managed by The Right Space.

  • This includes:
    • Placing and tracking all orders for goods and services.
    • Communicating with vendors and contractors to keep your project on track and moving forward.
    • Coordinating deliveries and installations.

I want you 100% happy with every detail. Not only was I a reporter, but I spent years in Customer Relations management. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.  Project finalization includes finishing touches like art and accessories arrangement.

These packages are just a few options to consider. If there isn’t something you see that fits your needs, reach out to me. We can figure it out together.